What the heck is this website for?

Smacdo.com exists because nobody registered the domain, and I had to have it! Over time, I plan on blogging about programming and writing up various helpful articles when the Googles and Stackoverflow have failed me. Additionally, I’m using this site for my semi-weekly board game events, video game community and just general goofing off. 🙂

Leave a comment or drop by our community chat! Feedback is invaluable to me, so long as it is constructive.

Short Bio

I’m a big time geek who loves playing video games, board games and glittering squirrels. In addition, I’m a huge advocate of and small contributor to open source software, and a huge C# fanboy. Linux and C++ will always hold a special place in my heart, but I’m sure my penguin loving friends don’t believe that. <3

I used to work in game development but I’ve since gotten better. Just kidding, but not really… I was burning out! Now I’m into building network services for hundreds of millions of users, but really everyone just calls “The Cloud” (TM). In my free time I play video games, work on perpetually unfinished personal projects and spend time with my lovely wife.

My Professional Bio and Portfolio

This is a short overview of the games and titles that I have shipped. Please visit my LinkedIn page, or contact me directly to get my resume. Thanks!

Disney Interactive

Avengers Initiative

WMS Gaming

Baron von Bacon – One of my favorite projects I’ve worked on, due entirely to how bizzare the mini games were!

Reel Em In Greatest Catch

Midway Games