You can track all my open source projects and contributions by going to my GitHub profile page. A lot of these projects are for my education and are not intended to be ever finished.

  • Dungeon Crawler – An open source top down with an open world and a focus on dungeon crawling.
  • Player Start – A Windows app that picks the first player for board game sessions using silly rules like “Who can guess the closest to the expiration date of the milk in the fridge?”.
  • Brainfreeze – An optimizing brainf*ck interpreter that is also capable of compiling to x86 and .NET bytecode.
  • Hailstorm – DirectX graphical technique demos.
  • Cubeworld – An old project that was a minecraft clone but has not been updated for many years. Would be awesome if I had some time to go back, clean it up and get it working again.
  • Shiny – A toy Scheme implementation inspired by the blog series “Scheme From Scratch”.