Hello World Redux

I swear that's not why I joined Microsoft. Well, maybe a little... :)

Well, it’s been awhile. I took a long hiatus from the online world over the last nine months or so. In that time, I took a big interest in online services (aka the CLOUD), married the most wonderful women in the world, left the game development world and joined the borg Microsoft, moved three thousand miles away to Seattle, and then moved again when our temporary housing was up.

So yup, the last few months have been a bit busy. But I’m settling down again, and would like to restart my previous attempts at blogging.

Imagine my dismay when I discovered whitespaceconsideredharmful.com was broken! Alas, that old website was quite a mouthful so maybe that was fate’s way of telling me to pick an easier to remember domain name! I’m still shocked that smacdo.com was not taken.

But all of my old blog articles I wrote? What about those?! The Wayback Machine is awesome. Like seriously awesome. I was able to recover almost all of my blog articles! Unfortunately the same cannot be said of content pages (about, projects, etc). It looks like those have been lost to the sands of time. For the moment, I have some embarrassing draft pages up.

Anyhow, I will try to update this blog on a semi-weekly basis at the minimum. I thrive on (friendly) feedback, so please feel free to register and post comments or email me!